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Homosexual Goals
January 6th, 2015

It’s no surprise that homosexuals want to live as they see fit, be considered normal and affirmed by society.   They want to love and to be loved.  Who doesn’t?  In this sense, homosexuals are very much like heterosexuals.  However, while homosexuals may love each other, they are neither loved by, nor affirmed by, our society in general.  In fact, they have been the butt of jokes for many years, which is why many homosexuals have kept their lifestyle private.

Homosexuals have been in a predicament.  Either they have had to restrict their life style and be unhappy or act as they want to and face ridicule.  The purpose of this article is to first, present a perspective on some of the efforts used by homosexual activists to get out of their predicament, and second, to comment on their future efforts.

It seems that there is a basic understanding, among those who are active in the homosexual movement, and that is as long as nothing changes, nothing will change.  Simply put, as long as homosexuals are quiet about their needs, their goals of acceptance and affirmation will never be achieved.  Therefore the activists, who are tired of waiting, have been trying to force society to change faster.

While there are many things happening on many levels, in a broad sense, we can group the goals of homosexual activists into two groups; first, to be able to act (in public) as they see fit, and second, to achieve an inner peace with their place in society.  Up until now, most of their efforts have been directed at being able to act freely in public. 

As an observation, it seems that, somewhere near the heart of homosexual discontent (in America) is that, until recently, most Christians have considered the homosexual lifestyle to be an abomination and condemned by God.  And until recently, most Christians have believed that they cannot affirm the homosexual lifestyle without committing a serious offense against God.  Because of this belief, many Christians have not affirmed homosexuals, and instead, have publicly ridiculed them.

Faced with the choice of either repressing their homosexual lifestyle (and being unhappy), or expressing themselves (and receiving public ridicule), some have instead chosen a third alternative, that is, to express themselves and eliminate the public ridicule.  This choice is a huge task because it requires changing all of society’s overt (public) negative reactions and all of their covert (behind the scenes) negative reactions.

Their struggle to gain society’s acceptance and affirmation started by first gaining acceptance and affirmation from those who are the closest to them, such as their family and friends.  It appears to have been a good place to start because most of their families and friends have continued to love and accept them, without publicly rejecting them. 

After finding acceptance and affirmation from their families and friends, the activists moved on to the much larger task of gaining acceptance and affirmation from society.  They staged various kinds of public demonstrations, promoted various laws, and used the mass media to minimize those who were openly hostile to their lifestyle.  Their tactics were largely successful.  However, there is still a part of society that has yet to accept or affirm them and, consequently, many homosexuals still feel uncomfortable in public. 

Up to this point, the homosexual struggle has been relatively easy because most people simply prefer to avoid confrontation and conflict.  That is, as long as there is no immediate threat or discomfort from someone else's "cause" most people will just go along.  That will not be the case with many in the religious sector because they (the final sector standing against them) are less afraid of confrontation and conflict than the general public is.

Because the tactics of the activists have worked so well in the past, it's reasonable to expect that they will continue to use them against the religious sector.  If so, we can expect to see more public demonstrations, more new laws, and more pressure from the media, all focused on the religious sector.  But that may not be enough.  If they try to convert everyone in the religious sector, their struggle will fail.  Therefore, we should expect them to simply settle for minimizing the negative voices.

Then, they will be able to turn their attention to the second goal of their struggle, the inner peace with their lifestyle.  However, they will find that their inner peace can only come from two sources: the religious sector, and from God.  Unfortunately, they will have already cut the ties with the only religious community that can give them the affirmation that they seek.  While the “approving and accepting” religious sector will indeed comfort them, there will still be a hole in their happiness because the only religious sector that can give them the affirmation that they seek is the one that still stands against them.

They will likely accept the affirmation that they already have and turn their attention to their most important and yet most difficult struggle.  It will be a struggle for an affirmation that cannot be achieved through public demonstrations, or by more laws, or by increased social pressure.  It will be a personal, internal fight, a fight for God’s acceptance and affirmation.

Since most homosexuals believe that there is a God who ultimately blesses or condemns, they know that ultimately their inner peace depends on whether or not they believe that God has blessed or condemned their lifestyle.  While their struggle for inner peace has a social aspect (e.g. obtaining the blessing of established churches), it is primarily an internal struggle to reconcile what they want with what they believe God wants.  Their struggle will be to convince God that what they want is okay.

This is where the fight for the inner peace with their lifestyle will be won or lost.  This is where their struggle will be an individual struggle where they will have to choose between God’s standards and their own standards.  Ultimately, this is where everything will be won or lost.

 Roger Cruze