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Final Approval
August 1st, 2011

For thousands of years, monotheistic faiths have considered the “homosexual act” a sin against both God and nature.  While they have always welcomed the sinner (the homosexual) into their faith community, they have always rejected the sin (the homosexual act).  Homosexuals who believe in God have had to choose between their behavior and the faith community.  In essence, homosexuals who believe in God have had to either admit that the homosexual act is a grave sin in the sight of God and disavow their behavior, or get the faith community to bless their lifestyle so that they can be in God’s grace.

If it was easy for homosexuals to give up their behavior, they probably would have done it long ago and the conflict between the faith community and the homosexual lifestyle would have ceased long ago.  While some homosexuals have, in fact, given up their ways, most have not.  Those who continue in their ways have decided that, rather than changing their own behavior, they are going to change the behavior (minds and hearts) of others so that their lifestyle is an acceptable part of the faith community.

It’s an enormous task to change the minds and hearts of everyone about anything, let alone something that has been held as true, by so many people, for thousands of years.  But their strategy is simple – divide and conquer.  That is, divide everyone into groups and then work on each group, one at a time.  Once they gain acceptance from the first group, they will use the weight of that group to force the second group into compliance, and so on.  In the end, the last group will have to fight against the weight of all of the prior groups.

The first group they chose to change was the government.  With virtually no one behind them except the news media, university professors, and Hollywood, they petitioned government for “equality.”  On the surface, it was a fight for the same legal rights as married couples.  However, since they already had those rights (or could get them through a lawyer), the fight was actually for laws that would change the behavior, and eventually the minds and hearts, of the general public.  Considering the enormity of their task and how quickly it was accomplished, they had an important and impressive first victory.

Getting the approval of the government was an important first step because along with the news media, university professors, and Hollywood, they now had the force of law behind them and enough pressure to work on the second group, the largest group, the general public.  This group includes all of the people with whom they work, socialize, do business and still consider their behavior as deviant.  Now, because of the new laws, the general public has to act civilly and respectfully to them, at least in public.  While it will be some time before the behavior of the general public is completely changed, they are on their way to an enormous second victory.

In the midst of their successes with the general public, some in the homosexual movement have found that there is at least one more group whose behavior needs to be changed and that is: Christian church leaders.  Christian church leaders don’t respond well to pressures from outside their faith, so it will be a much more difficult task to change their behavior.  Many of the church leaders are holding fast to their faith and values and won’t change until well after the general public changes, if ever.

This third group is a potential problem for the movement because unless they are converted or silenced, they could undermine all of the gains of the homosexual movement, which is why they are marshaling all of their forces to silence them.  They are using public opinion, the news media, university professors, and Hollywood to portray them as bigoted, narrow minded, and hateful.  The tactic is obviously intended to put the remaining outspoken church leaders on the defensive and quiet them.  Additionally, for those who continue to speak out, they are threatening to have the government take away their tax exempt status on the grounds that they are promoting “hate speech” and discrimination against homosexuals.  If the government were to actually remove the tax exemption status from churches, it would add an economic burden to speaking out against the homosexual movement and would certainly silence even more of the leaders. 

While the strategy hasn’t worked against all of the Christian church leaders, we know that it has worked against some of them because their behavior has indeed changed.  For example, some of the church leaders no longer speak out against the homosexual act.  And even more importantly, some of them actually bless homosexual relationships, which is a key part of the movement’s goal. 

However, even with their mounting successes, those homosexuals who believe in God see their victories as hollow because God has not blessed them.  God’s blessing would give meaning to their efforts and would be their final and most important victory.

The movement seems to be just one step away from their final victory, yet they know it will take more than the weight of public opinion, news stories, university professors, Hollywood, church leaders, and tax laws to get God to bless their relationships here on earth.  Their only hope is to prepare for the day when they meet their creator face to face and explain why they continued in their behavior.  After all, with the right presentation, God might relent.  Right?

If individual homosexuals use the same divide and conquer strategy with God, they will likely begin their argument with something like, “Look, everyone on earth said it was okay, even some of your representatives blessed us.  How can it be wrong?  We were just doing what we thought was okay.”  But since God cannot change, their argument will only be the beginning of their struggle with God, a struggle that will continue for an eternity.


Roger Cruze